4 Components of a Strong, Assertive SEO Campaign

4 Components of a Strong, Assertive SEO Campaign

Ask any business owner what one of their primary forms of marketing is and they’ll tell you: internet marketing. The internet has opened up opportunities for business owners and customers alike as never before. Products are available from around the world at the click of a mouse.

But what makes for good internet marketing? One of the key components of a strong marketing campaign is assertive SEO.

A Review: What Is SEO and What Is The Importance of a Strong SEO Campaign?

Before getting into the components of an assertive SEO campaign, it would be best to take a moment to review some of the dynamics of SEO.

  • SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or the attempts made to improve a company’s rankings on a search engine like Google.
  • Keywords, blogs and meta tags help drive traffic to a website. They make a website more visible to those involved in an online search.

Why is a strong SEO campaign so important? With a good campaign, a website will rank higher giving companies the opportunity to attract free traffic to their website. Without a strong campaign, or any campaign at all, a website and any blogs or information on the website will get lost in the sea of search engine results. In other words, while most prospective customers are looking on page 1 or 2 of their Google search, a non-SEO focused company could be on page 50. Putting forth the effort to have assertive SEO will put a business directly in their prospective customers’ line of vision.

4 Components of an Assertive SEO Campaign

A strong SEO campaign will have the following 4 key components.

  1. Website Optimization
    Each page on a company’s website needs to be properly optimized. This would including appropriate meta tags and using search engine worthy keywords in the URL name and actual website content.
  1. Regular, Quality Content
    Blogging is a very important component to SEO marketing. While keywords are important when blogging, that’s not where the focus should end. Search engines will give a higher ranking to websites that post regular, quality content. The more a company posts on their blog, the more likely they’ll show up on a search engine’s first few pages. And, most search engines reward companies who focus on giving their readers something of value. Writing informative and helpful content is more important than focusing solely on sales.
  1. Building a Reputation of Authority and Expertise
    Building a good online reputation is very important. Companies will need to implement networking practices and get to know other bloggers. This relationship, as well as the relationship they establish with their readers via comments, will help the company appear trustworthy and authoritative.
  1. Continuing Education
    The internet is dynamic and forever changing. What works today with SEO and internet marketing might not work 6 months or a year from now. Being willing to continue learning the ins and outs of SEO will ensure that a company will keep up with the changes that will drive the traffic they want to their site.

The Phenomenal Impact of Strong, Assertive SEO

A company utilizing strong, assertive SEO practices can see incredible growth in the number of visitors to their website and, eventually, growth in profits as well. Internet marketing is the marketing of the millennium, and SEO plays a very big role. Businesses that invest in an assertive SEO campaign will soon see that the investment was totally worth it.

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