5 Simple Tips for Monitoring Your Medical Practice Reputation Online

5 Simple Tips for Monitoring Your Medical Practice Reputation Online

Respond to Reviews

Do you know what your patients are saying online? Generally, the motivation of an online reviewer is when they receive the Best. Service. Ever…or the worst. I am the perfect example of this, my yelp account has two reviews; one describing my husband’s perfect 30th birthday party, praising the staff and service (5*), the other a lengthy posting about the abysmal service and quality of food at a recently opened Chinese restaurant in the Montrose area (1*, would have been less if possible!)

Whether the patient review is positive or negative, the comments can provide great feedback. It takes time, but respond to each patient, whether the post is positive or negative. This shows that you are not only taking accountability for any negative interactions the patient may have experienced in your office but you are grateful for the compliments too.


Use the reviews constructively. Is there something you or your staff can be doing differently based on the comment? Taking the time to read patient reviews, and seeing what you can get out of them can benefit not only your practice but also your reputation.

hg_logo_colorEncourage Positive Reviews

Show that you value a patient’s opinion by asking them to leave a review. You can encourage reviews by handing out flyers or review cards with instructions on how to access the prominent review sites. The more positive reviews obtained on each review site, the more obsolete the negative reviews become.

Personalize your Website

In an age of instant communication people respond well to being able to connect with their health care provider at any given time. Don’t worry, you aren’t expected to sit at your desktop ready to respond to a call or an email day and night! A great solution is to have a personalized, mobile-optimized, user-friendly website featuring patient successes, custom images and a blog. Make it easy for patients to contact you and ensure social media is readily accessible for patients to brag about you.

Never Go Negative

This tip is pretty self-explanatory. No matter how negative a review may be, do not respond to a negative comment with something that can start an argument. Starting an argument on the Internet will do harm to your reputation. Always respond politely and ask what you can do to please the patient. Finding the negative review immediately and responding appropriately will help with the relationship between patient and doctor.

Medical reputation management and social media management goes hand in hand. Based on your individual needs, we tailor a course of action specific to your needs. Whether that involves repairing your reputation, removing inaccurate reviews from the search results, or simply providing personalization and ongoing monitoring.

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