How to Appeal to Your Target Audience

How to Appeal to Your Target Audience

There may come a time during your business practice, when you realize, that you are not necessarily part of your target audience.  It’s always good to remember that, you are very rarely the kind of person that you are trying to communicate with. In these situations, you will need to do your best to adapt and appeal to your target market, even if that means stepping out of your own comfort zone for the good of your business.

A target audience is a group of individuals segmented by their geographic location, demographics (income, occupation, age, gender) or behavioral traits (loyalty, expectations, product usage) that is interested in buying or advocating your product or service.

When marketing, you should always do your best to put yourself in their shoes. This may be tough and often times, it takes research, and listening to the opinions of your target audience. It will also take you a lot of practice to learn how to reach those outside of your standard audience.  A great place to start would be finding someone around you who is a closer match than you are to that kind of supporter, then listen and trust them, even if they have less marketing experience than you do.

Profile Your Audience

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You should start planning your content strategy based on your business audience. Begin by profiling your target audience; be sure to include their background, family details, age, gender, work industry, professional experience and role. Then, understand their goals for their company, factoring in company size, growth, and individual preferences. You should also try to figure out their identifiers which are their mannerisms, or habits. Along with the challenges that they are trying to overcome, their objectives, and their marketing messaging: how should you describe your solution to your target audience.

When creating an audience it’s a good idea to look at the following sources:

  • Customer surveys
  • Customer Lead or Source Reports (How did you hear about us?)
  • Your email statistics
  • Tapestry reports based on location
  • Focus groups or customer interviews


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