The Importance of Ad Retargeting

The Importance of Ad Retargeting

Do you often see ads for a site you recently visited popping up across other web pages? It’s no coincidence, these ads come as a result of retargeting, which is a display advertising method that places a special code known as “cookies” on your browser when you visited websites that are running retargeting campaigns. These ads will then follow you all over the internet and serve as a constant reminder about the page you previously viewed. If you’re running ads on the display network online, having retargeting ads can give you the chance to target an audience that has already expressed an interest in your brand.

How is this different than regular display ad buys?

With retargeting you only target users that have visited your site and already had an experience with your brand. You can choose to target users that went to a specific part of your site, or open it up to your whole site, but either way you are guaranteeing that you only spend ad dollars on people who have previously visited your site. Normal display media buys tend to target users in the first stages of the buying funnel. With those ad buys you are tasked with introducing yourself, establishing trust and branding effectively, while going after an action, in your case, driving patients to your waiting room!

How is it tracked?
A retargeting pixel is placed on either certain sections of your site or across your entire site. As visitors visit the pages you have the pixel on they are added to what is called an “audience.” This audience is cookied and as they visit other sites in the display networks you are running retargeting ads on, they are shown your ads. The size of your audience greatly affects the success of your retargeting campaigns. Even if you aren’t ready to start testing retargeting, I highly suggest you start building your audience. The larger this qualified group of past visitors, the better!

If a person in your audience converts then a “burn pixel” will fire, which takes them out of the audience. You can also choose to add different pixels if you wish to show converting visitors different ads. You can get quite complex regarding the sequence of pixels you cookie these users with.

You can also control the sites that show your ads, just like on typical display network buys. Facebook is a great place to have your retargeting ads displayed.

How is retargScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.07.09 PMeting measured?

Unlike typical display advertising measurement, retargeting actually gives credit to both click-though, and view-through conversions.

Click-through conversions are any conversions that happen as a direct result of someone clicking a retargeting ad they were served.

View-through conversions would be like assists. They are conversions that are attributed to another channel (on last click attribution tracking) but these conversions were at one point served a retargeting ad.

Retargeting can be incredibly effective for advertisers that put the time in to manage and optimize spend effectively. The differences come in having a prequalified audience, and staying in front of your target audience.

What are the benefits of retargeting?

High impressions

As long as you have a big enough retargeting list, you can achieve a high amount impressions through retargeting campaigns. As more people visit your site while you are running the campaign, the larger your list will continue to grow.

Reach your current customers

If you add new products or promotions, you can easily let your current customers know about it through retargeting. This is a great way to give your past customers a reason to come back to your site and purchase from you again. Even if you don’t sell products on your site, you can regain a potential customers interest. For a doctor’s office, it could mean coming back to your site to make an appointment.

Branding Benefits
Retargeting display ads can also provide you with an opportunity to expose your brand and raise awareness. By having your ads showing all over the internet, you will be able to make people keep your brand in mind. Display ads will keep your brand at the top of customer minds for the future.

Do you have more questions about ad retargeting? Reach out to us! ClickMD Marketing is a marketing agency specializing in physicians and healthcare facilities. Contact us today to learn about what we can do for you. Your patients are only one click away!

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