Sins of Social Media

Sins of Social Media

You’re not engaging enough

When it comes to social media, engagement is a big deal. You could have 50k followers and still have no activity which equates to a big waste of your time and money. You should attempt to engage with your followers and post content regularly like a social media fanatic!

Some people are strategic about the users they engage with. We recommend focusing on specific target audiences such as:

  • Colleagues
  • Acquaintances made over months of networking
  • People in your industry that fascinate you
  • Pioneers in your industry, also known as ‘Influencers’
  • Causes that are closely aligned to the patients you’d like to attract to your practice

You’re not strategic

If you’re sharing everything under the sun that somewhat connects to your topic, please discontinue this. Beyond being related, you must also share content that is aligned with your values. Most importantly, you should have an end goal.

You’re not following people

Unless you’re famous or the type of person that can make friends in an empty room, it is unlikely that you are going to be sought out on social media. Follow these tips to

  • Follow accounts who follow accounts in your industry
  • Unfollow/Unfriend accounts that are inactive
  • Follow/Friend accounts that look relevant and are not spam
  • Check out which accounts are recommended for you
  • Use hashtags

socialmedYou aren’t promoting yourself!

Make sure your patients are aware of your online presence. Use branded collateral in your office and waiting areas that advertise the fact that you are on social media and invite patients to join your conversation. On your website, add links that take the patient directly to your social media sites.

You’re sharing content that is “off brand”

While it’s tempting for brands to jump onto trending topics, sometimes it’s best to stay away. Some brands run into trouble if the content shared is wildly off topic or simply inappropriate to the community.

You’re not sharing your message

You should have a core message and share this message everywhere and all the time so people can find you! You can regularly pick information from your articles and post those. Engagement typically skyrockets when you post original thoughts.

You’re overwhelming people

When you post, retweet or share a bunch of content, what some people call “flooding”, your follower count may decrease significantly. In worst cases, people may complain. When people start complaining, you may have crossed a line.

 You’re not consistent

If you take one thing from this blog article, let it be this piece of advice: In order to reach “the next level”, you must be consistent. Consistency builds your online presence. This is an extremely important rule that is often overlooked.

Hopefully this list of Social Media Sins gives you an idea of how to take control over your social media accounts and get the results you’re working towards. Cheers to marketing!

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