Social Media: Why Consistency is Key

Social Media: Why Consistency is Key

Even though social media interactions are typically less formal and structured than other corporate communications, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be consistent with your brand. Ask yourself: Are your organization’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube accounts presenting a consistent visual representation and brand voice to your followers?

Your social media presence should reinforce your existing branding across all platforms. For instance, when someone sees your Facebook page, it should visually echo your website and other marketing materials so it can immediately be recognized as your official page.

Visual consistency is just the first step. Consistency of voice is important as well. Even if your organization has multiple people tweeting, posting and interacting, you should consider guidelines for your organization’s voice, or the manner in which you communicate with your followers. Your social media voice should complement how a customer relates to your brand through your existing marketing, customer service and in-person interactions.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 1.00.41 PMSocial media can be less formal and more personal, but it should never be inconsistent with how you want your brand to be portrayed. Social media is a wonderful opportunity to bring your brand to life for consumers. Having consistent visuals and voice is a great first step in making social media work for your organization.

When it comes to consistent volume a regular interval can be taken a number of different ways. Some people aim for a quota of social shares each day. Others simply want to post an update daily or weekly or monthly. You can set whatever schedule you choose, just be sure to stick with it.

When it comes to consistent quality, ask yourself: Will the majority of your posts be as valuable as this one? Quality is often what pulls people in to a new page, profile, or blog, and if the quality continues over time, the reader will be hooked. Content can be created by anyone, but it’s consistent quality that often separates the unknown from the well known.

Lastly, your social media topics should be consistent. This means that you need to find a focus and a niche for your social sharing or your blog. Ask yourself: What kind of topics do you cover? Your followers and readers will appreciate knowing what to expect with the content you produce.

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