Are you using the Correct Social Media Channels for Your Business?

Are you using the Correct Social Media Channels for Your Business?

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It’s no secret that social media is indispensable for businesses in 2016. Social media marketing includes a lot of potential social media sites, a variety of ways to engage, and a ton of styles for each platform. First, you need to figure out which of the networks to join. Then, you need to determine optimal messages, posting frequency, cost of social media management, integration with other marketing channels, and how to make the most of the billions of people who are purportedly hanging out on social media. To begin here are several questions that you should answer:

Where is my audience?

The primary question to ask about social media is where your audience is actually spending time. What social media outlets are they on? Just because you have followers doesn’t mean that you have an audience.

Where is my audience active?

Big social media numbers doesn’t mean big activity. A social media user needs to be active on a social media site in order for them to be of any use to you.

Where is my audience searching? 

Many people use social media for searching, not only socializing. Every minute, people are conducting millions of queries on Google, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are active on these social media platforms, then you have a higher chance of appearing in social media search results making it easier for your target audience to find you.

What social media sites are right for me? 

Some businesses are missing out on warm leads, because they are absent from the best social media sites for their industries.

At this stage in social media, these seven sites are crucial to use regardless of your audience, your business model, and your strategy:


Facebook has over 1.3 billion users, the largest of any social network According to Digital Marketing Ramblings. These users aren’t only browsing profile updates or viewing photos. Each Facebook user is connected to pages, groups, or events. That’s where you come in, your marketing efforts and Facebook presence is crucial to getting more potential clients.


Twitter is another crucial media channel to use. According to DMR, The average user has 208 followers, 307 average Tweets, and spends an average of 170 minutes on Twitter each day. About half of Twitter users use it daily, and at least 29% of Twitter users are active several times a day. Twitter isn’t as much a lead generation platform as much as it is a brand loyalty platform. For example; 85% of Twitter users feel more connected to a business after they follow them on Twitter. Great content from a brand on Twitter can elicit follows and retweets, but usually an existing customer will decide to follow a favorite brand.


Every second, two new people join LinkedIn according to DMR. Now, with more than 270 million users, LinkedIn is a force to be reckoned with. LinkedIn is the platform for business to business marketing. LinkedIn proudly touts their user base of professionals.Many of those professionals are connected with companies. These companies each benefit from the extra marketing they receive when prospective employees are looking for new jobs or when other companies are looking for a business to partner with on a project.


Google+ is a game changer in the social media landscape with 2.2 billion users. When you combine Google Authorship with the world’s dominant search engine, and create a social media platform that integrates them, it’s no wonder that Google+ is turning up as a dominant form of online social interaction.


YouTube has the distinguished position of being the second largest search engine in the world. Obviously, YouTube is also a huge hit when it comes to video watching. In fact, according to Fast Company. YouTube reaches more U.S. adults than any cable network. Since Google recently purchased YouTube for $1.65 billion, YouTube’s popularity will certainly continue to increase. We currently use YouTube to post our doctor’s educational videos for their patients. You can check out their channels by clicking here and here.


Instagram is a completely visual platform. According to BufferSocial, pictures get 5x higher engagement on Twitter, and photos make up 93% of the most engaging Facebook postsso it’s no surprise that Instagram is a powerful way for promoting both one’s personal brand and a business, too. I’ve recently discovered that in addition to posting photos on your own companies page, liking and commenting on other photos is a powerful way to grow a large following. We recently made an instagram account for one of our clients, Dr. Marvin. You can check it out by clicking hereScreen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.23.39 PM


According to a study by Share This, Pinterest officially became a more popular sharing platform than email. Pinterest has the highest revenue per click of any other social sharing network. Early in its life, Pinterest got labeled as a social platform for women. At first, that was true. But now, women account for about half of Pinterest pinners, which isn’t much different from the gender slant on other social media sites. Pinterest is now a place to be for any gender, any company, and any brand.

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