Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Field: Why It Is Such an Important Investment

Digital Marketing in the Healthcare Field: Why It Is Such an Important Investment

On the surface, marketing really doesn’t seem to have a place in healthcare. However, these days competition in business is stronger than ever and marketing campaigns are vital to the success of a company, even those in the healthcare field. Why is marketing, particularly digital marketing, so important to the healthcare industry?

The Importance of Marketing: Why Healthcare Needs To Focus On Marketing

When it comes to the importance of marketing, it can’t be stressed enough just how important this feature of business really is to a company. The National Center for Biotechnology Information describes marketing as an external function of the healthcare industry, as opposed to something like human resources which is an internal function. While many people recognize the importance of the proper function of internal affairs, not many have realized the importance of marketing—until now.

According to the Pew Research Center, over seventy percent of people who use the internet look online for their medical needs. With that many people searching online for doctors and healthcare services, it is important that those providers are visible. However, according to Siemens Health Care, hospitals, and healthcare providers spend less than one percent of their budget on marketing efforts.

Not only that, but many focus their marketing dollars on efforts that aren’t that modern or effective. Instead of focusing on digital marketing, they focus on billboard or radio ads. While these have their place in some contexts, digital marketing provides those in the healthcare field with more bang for their buck.

Digital Marketing: The New Age of Marketing

Digital marketing began in the 1990s. According to Digital Marketing Strategies, the first digital banner ad appeared online in 1993. Since then, digital marketing has exploded. It is now one of the main resources used by companies to market their business. Blogs, vlogs, social media, online ads, and SEO-focused websites are utilized with precision to attract potential customers.

Those in the healthcare field who recognize the importance of marketing are starting to take advantage of this form of marketing as well. They do so in the following ways.

  1. SEO Healthcare Website

    The main focus of digital marketing efforts is to be found online. The best way to do this is to have a website that is SEO-based or optimized for search engines. Keywords within the domain name and web page content help Google or other search engines locate a website. Finding out what attracts potential patients will help a healthcare company streamline their content in order to make their online presence known.

  1. Helpful Information

    Blog and vlog content are extremely helpful ways to promote a practice. When doctors or other healthcare personnel regularly post information that their readers find useful they attract patients to their practice. Watching a vlog or reading a blog not only answers potential patients’ questions, it makes them feel like they’re getting to know their provider. They feel like they get insight into the provider’s personality and determine whether it jives with their own. Getting to know someone in this way makes it easier for people to schedule an appointment. It doesn’t feel like they’re going to see a stranger.

  1. Social Media

    According to Becker’s Hospital Review, over ninety percent of consumers report that they trust social media when making important decisions about purchases. Not only do they get to know a company based on its social media posts, they trust what their friends, family, colleagues, and social media friends have to say about medical providers. Social media is a great way to get positive online testimonials in front of potential patients.

Reaching Out to Patients—The #1 Reason Why Medical Marketing Is So Important

Everyone wants to be successful in business, but those in the healthcare industry are more concerned with the health and safety of their patients. They will do anything they can to help and support the needs of those in their care. Such concern and efforts are noble, but the best way to continue taking care of people is by reaching out to them.

Not everyone views healthcare as a #1 priority until something disastrous happens. When those in the healthcare field promote their business via a digital marketing campaign, they can reach out to potential patients and encourage them to put their health and wellness first now—before calamity strikes.

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