Are you Using Cross-channel Marketing Correctly?

Are you Using Cross-channel Marketing Correctly?

Cross-channel marketing, also called multi-channel marketing, involves promoting a brand across various mediums simultaneously to reach patients. When implemented correctly, cross-channel marketing is a win-win for both patients and businesses. Patients get to interact with businesses via their preferred channel, and businesses get to increase their brands’ exposure.

The hashtag is a great example of cross-channel marketing, since companies include hashtags in many of their different advertisement channels. Remember that hashtags are now supported by all major social media platforms, not just Twitter.

Consistency: The Key to Cross-Channel Marketing

The first step in cross-channel marketing is to unify the look and feel of all your channels. Your Facebook page doesn’t have to be identical to your website, but both should project your brand to every customer who bounces from one channel to the other. In order to achieve this cross-channel brand continuity, you have to unite the look and feel of your design. Each channel can be unique, but patients have to know they’re in the right place when they continue from one channel to the next.

Create Dedicated Landing Pages for Each Channel

Not all landing pages are created equal. The business has to create one set of social landing pages and one set of Pay Per Click (PPC) landing pages. True cross-channel marketing is all about individualization. PPC and social visitors are coming from two different channels and two different ends of the funnel. PPC visitors are coming from the bottom of the funnel, which means they’ve already shopped around, they’ve read the reviews on your brand and they’re ready to “buy.” Now they’re just waiting for the right time and price. Social visitors are coming from the top of the funnel. They saw your post on Twitter and thought it sounded interesting, but they’re not familiar with your brand and what you offer. Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 4.28.37 PM

Integrate Content Marketing

The company should host content on its blog or website. This could be in the form of infographics, slideshows, articles or videos. Educational, relevant content will position the business as a credible authority to both consumers and the search engines that rank websites. This content could be disseminated to customers through social media and direct marketing campaigns, and emails. Cross-channel marketing enables your customers to engage with your business on their preferred channel. Today’s customers don’t operate on one channel or even one device.

Monitor and adjust

As with any marketing campaign, you can’t just set it and forget it. Keep track of which channels people are engaging with the most, as well as which channels are getting the least amount of traction. Use this feedback to tweak your campaign, in order to optimize results.

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