Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Patients?

Are You Communicating Effectively With Your Patients?

Remember patient communication is crucial!

In order to keep your patients coming back, you must build and maintain a relationship with them. If your only form of communication is seeing your patients once a year for an annual checkup, you may want to consider improving your communication with them. Here are several communication methods that can help you keep your patients in the loop!

Social Media

Patient social media

If you’re trying to reach your patients throughout the year, social media is the best place to start! Start by creating a business Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google + page. A YouTube channel is also a great place to post informational videos for your patients. You can link these social media pages to your website and also keep a print out at your office that invites your patients to visit your social pages. Keep your pages updated, with original content, pictures, and videos. Make sure you are engaging with your patients, letting them know about changes in the office and upcoming events. You should also make sure you are responding to their comments and messages in a timely manner.


A monthly newsletter is a great idea to keep your patients engaged all year round. In addition to keeping your patients updated, you can also give them health advice and share seasonal recipes, and crafts. You can feature another patient (with their permission) or staff member each month! Your newsletter will be a consistent communication source and they will look forward to receiving it each month.

Support group page

You can create a support group page or community forum to keep your patients engaged and let them interact with each other. This way they can share their experiences and have someone that understands them. They will be held accountable for their health and will enjoy speaking to others in their situation.

Email blasts

An email blast is an easy way to reach your customers quickly. This is especially necessary to share important information such as, Holiday schedules, office renovations, or moving locations. You can also notify them of updated policies, procedures, or staff changes.

Old Fashioned Snail Mail Patients letter

Sending out an old fashion letter to your patients will make them feel important and included. They will appreciate you taking the time to write to them and will most likely feel as though your practice is involving the community.

Host Events

Consider hosting a Holiday party or potluck in your office! This would be great to celebrate the holidays with your patients and they would especially love to get to mingle with your other patients and maybe get to know you on a more personal level outside of the exam room.

Remember, patients have many options when it comes to picking their healthcare provider. Make sure you are communicating with them and showing them that you appreciate their business!

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